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“There is no doubt that HomeoPet Anxiety Relief has helped Harry”

We recently had a lovely email from Liz Simpson about her gorgeous little Westie, Harry, who’s suffered from anxiety. And we’re delighted that our Anxiety Relief is helping him live a more relaxed life, for his and Liz’s sake!

Liz shared Harry’s story“Harry, our Westie is 8 years old. I’ve had him for nearly 3 years now. Apparently he had been separated from his litter/mother too early which has resulted in separation issues and anxiety. He’s a typical Westie, a bright little dog but he’s very needy and a worrier. We have another dog, Bonnie. She is an 11 year old Labradoodle but we got her as a rescue dog aged 6 months. She’s very laid back and they get on very well, but Bonnie does gets a bit fed of Harry at times!

We had quite a serious problem with Harry weeing, even if we were only out for a couple of hours and he would bark excessively when anyone came to the door. He would follow us from room to room and not really settle down until we were all sat down. He also didn’t cope with being in a car, even in the security of his cage. He gets plenty of attention – played with, garden to charge around in & country lanes to walk down.I tried over the counter ‘doggie’ products first to try and help his anxiety, but none of them helped. I then tried Herbal drops specifically for dogs. I also tried the plug-in herbal anxiety remedy. There was a slight improvement but not enough to reduce his anxiety to appropriate levels.

Then our vet suggested the "Anxiety" homeopathic drops from HomeoPet. I had used a homeopathic remedy many years ago for my border collie who had an under active thyroid and slight incontinence problem and the remedies helped for many years until she died. Those tablets were prescribed and dispensed from our vet at the time who also practiced Homeopathy. Unfortunately, that vet retired many years ago.

There is no doubt that HomeoPet Anxiety has helped Harry. Within 5 days of using it there was a definite improvement. I no longer came home to a puddle on the floor if I was out for a couple or 3 hours. He stopped whining in the night when we’d gone to bed and didn’t follow us from room to room quite so much. He still barked when anyone came to the door, but was more responsive to commands to ‘stop.’ I don’t think we will eradicate Harry’s anxieties totally but he’s certainly a much calmer, happier little Westie who is coping better.

So, a big THANK YOU to HomeoPet for helping us out. I’ve recommended it to a friend who has a nervy dachshund, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

Thanks again

Best wishes 

Liz Simpson*



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