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Dermacoat+ is your go-to solution against irritated skin.  The key to our formula is the list of active ingredients that are unique to us, that stimulate the body to fight both the causes and the symptoms of the irritation. Using Dermacoat+ may help to restore a calm skin and a healthy coat.

HomeoPet Dermacoat+ is a natural product for cats and dogs who are licky or chewing at their skin.  It is a 100% natural, plant-based solution that promotes overall skin health for pets with skin issues.  It works rapidly, so you should notice results in a few days. It is easy to administer in a liquid form, and there are no side effects.

HomeoPet Skin and Itch works on the symptoms and underlying causes of the irritation by causing a reaction in the body to stimulate the production of natural process to combat skin problems. 

The unique specialised ingredients in Dermacoat+ are only available in this formula.

(Source:  as published in the HPUS)

Batch # 10113, Expiry Date: 06/2029

(Please note a packaging change in Australia over the coming months.  Exactly the same product we known and love as Skin and Itch will become Dermacoat+)

Advice Care

Administration is 2 to 3 times daily during flare ups, and once daily as a maintenance regime. 

Ensure removal of known allergens in food or in the environment. Used by customers and Veterinarians worldwide. 

Follow dosing and administration advice according to the packaging instructions. 


Stinging Nettle (Urtica Urens 6c & 30c), Poison Oak (Rhus Toxicodendron 6c & 30c), Common Flea (Pulex Irritans 6c & 30c), Stavesacre (Staphysagria 6c & 30c),  Sublimated Sulphur (Sulphur 6c & 30c) in 20% USP alcohol. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amanda Richards
Shihtzu x Lhasa 13yrs

These drops are amazing with results seen within first 10hours. Max has always had itchy irritable skin costing me $1000s in vet bills, washes, dietary changes and vet medication. Wish I found these drops years ago. Highly recommend these drops. I give twice a day in meals.

Dale, Dubbo
We are very pleased

"Our dog Shelly suffers from an anxiety condition called lick granuloma. We took her to the vet who advised tranquilisers and cortisone. We decided to use Anxiety drops together with Skin and Coat for her irritated skin.  After 7 days there was a vast improvement in her behaviour and sore. We are so pleased with her new treatment."

Dr Cole, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
Owners happy with a non steriodal approach to skin conditions

“A cat I was treating with Prednisone for chronic flea bite dermatitis for years was brought in and her owner asked about a natural alternative.  We decided to use Skin and Coat, and within 5 days it was under control.  It worked the same, but the customer was much happier with a natural approach long term”. 

Dr Bradley, Madge's Vet - Enoggera
Owners thrilled with Skin and Itch

“Madge a British Bulldog has severe skin allergies.  We recently used Skin and Coat and her owner is thrilled. And Madge stopped itching and scratching within days.  The customer is pleased to not be using heavy drugs to manage it long term”. 

Di, Jervis Bay
I can't do without this product

“I can’t do without this product.  It is a life saver.  My schnauzer has terrible allergies, the kind that is distressing and keeps us awake or vigilant all day and night.  He licks and scratches himself red raw. After hundreds of dollars on other treatments, antibiotics and cortisone, topicals etc. I would not be without this product.  It works for him.”