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Travel Anxiety

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HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is formulated by Veterinarians specifically for travel anxiety, with very specific ingredients including calmatives to help with both the anxiety AND the motion symptoms.

Symptoms include throwing up, drooling, panting, restlessness or unwanted behaviour.  Use as needed 1 hour before travel.

Unlike other solutions, HomeoPet Anxiety is not a tranquiliser or sedative. Therefore, it is non-sedating, non-habit forming and it works rapidly with no side effects.

Easily administered in liquid form, use one hour before travel according to directions.  

For general anxiety issues, you may wish to refer to HomeoPet Anxiety.  However, there are circumstances where the two products can work well together.  For example, plane travel can cause general anxiety as well as motion sickness.  The use of both HomeoPet Anxiety and HomeoPet Travel Anxiety is recommended in this case.

Symptoms include throwing up, drooling, panting, restlessness or unwanted behaviour.

(Source:  as published in the HPUS)

Batch # 10124, Expiry Date: 06/2029

Advice Care

Use one hour before travel according to directions.

The results will last for approximately 4 hours, and if using for extended travel re-administer again as needed.

Dose every 15 minutes, however you can get into their system, for rapid absorption.

Where this is not possible use around bedding or on the paws for longer trips or plane travel.  Can also be placed in food, water or on a treat for a few days prior to prolonged travel. 

Active Ingredients 

Arsenicum album 200c, Borax veneta 6c 30c, Bryonia alba 200c, Chamomilla matricaria 200c, Cocculus indicus 6c 30c, Colocynthis 200c, Conium maculatum 6c 30c, Euphorbia corrolata* 6c, Gelsemium sempervirens 6c 30c 200c, Hyoscyamus niger 200c, Ignatia amara 200c, Ipecacuanha 6c, Lachesis mutus 200c, Lycopodium clavatum 200c, Natrum muriaticum 200c, Nux vomica 6c 200c, Petroleum 6c 30c, Sanicula aqua 30c, Sepia succus 6c 30c 200c, Stramonium datura 200c, Succinum 200c, Tabacum 200c 30c 6c, Veratrum album 30c, Zingiber officinale 6c.  INACTIVE 10% USP alc. Glycerin, Purified Water. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great product

Works amazing!!
Our little whippet puppy suffers from travel sickness, he gets extremely drooly and ends up vomiting after about 20-30 minutes.
We were told he will grow out of it, but being only 4 months old and needing to endure more car rides, we needed a solution as we felt he was getting worse each time.
Used the drops for the first time yesterday and no spews.... He was a little dribbly at the start but layed down and relaxed the whole way to the destination and on the return trip.
The car ride was around 30 minutes.

Will test it out again this weekend and hoping for the same result.
We have a 4 hour trip next week so these drops will be some what of a blessing both for him and for us.

Valerie B.
Cat Choir No More

I moved about 6 hours away from my Mum. When I first moved, the vet gave me some calming tablets which did nothing. The cats screeched and whined the whole drive and tried to scratch their way out of the carriers. I found this product after moving so I used it for the first time today when I drove the 6 hours with the cats in the car to visit my Mum. This product is FABULOUS! The cats were completely quiet and calm. They lay in their carriers calmly for the whole drive. I am impressed. Definitely recommend this product for fur babies who struggle with car travel.

Mrs Gray, owner of Ruby the Whippet - Maintland
Fabulous! Used it for motion sickness and throwing up in the car

"Ruby throws up in the car and gets distressed during travel.  This is on both short and long trips which makes it stressful for all of our family when we take her out and about with us.  We started using Travel Anxiety one hour before travel and have a calm and relaxed girl each time.  Fabulous!"

Mrs Janice M, owner of Millie - Gordonvale
Suitably impressed with Travel Anxiety

"Millie hyperventilates and salivates when in the car.  She gets very anxious and drools everywhere.  I have been using Travel Anxiety and am suitably impressed.  She is definitely calmer and not panicking and pacing around.  Thank you."

Jules K, owner of Memphis - Mt Isa
Travel Anxiety is very useful

"I used Travel Anxiety when a store recommended it for my dog.  My dog is scared of getting in the car and paces and drools and won't settle down.  This is a bit hard when we go to the park, or to the groomer or vet.  I am suitably impressed with this product.  And there was no sedation which was useful for quick trips around town."