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Storm Stress liquid drops proven to ease dog anxiety in Clinical Trials

Anxiety in dogs caused by fear of thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises is a major issue for animal welfare. Many dogs – and cats – who experience anxiety during these events can self-harm, escape from their home and get lost or worse, injured. Their anxiety can also lead to other unwanted behaviour such as damaging furniture or doors trying to escape.
Storms do happen at any time during the year, with an increase in frequency in Australia during the Summer months.

Storm Stress liquid drops were designed especially for dogs and cats who experience these anxious condition and phobias. Developed by Vets, the Storm Stress formula has undergone some of the most rigorous testing of any similar product available on the Australian market.

With an outstanding overall effectiveness rating of 78%, HomeoPet Storm Stress is one of the best products available to help manage anxiety and thunderstorm phobias.

Clinical Trials for Stressed Pets

HomeoPet has invested in extensive Clinical Trials within Australia to test the efficacy of its Storm Stress product for pets who are seriously affected during storms, fireworks and loud noises.

Highly qualified Vets and Animal Behaviouralists conducted the Clinical Trials, supervised by Charles Sturt University over 2 years.

The study asked 318 owners whose pets suffer from these phobias to describe the effects of liquid drops administered to their pet during a loud noise event. They were asked to identify the signs of anxiety in their dog, then record whether those signs were reduced when the dog was exposed to the triggers.  The Trials were triple blinded with some pets given Storm Stress while others were given a placebo or other medication.

While there are several other approaches that Vets and pet owners can take for dogs with these anxiety triggers – e.g. Behaviour modification, synthetic pheromones and conventional medication – Storm Stress from HomeoPet is proven to be highly effective, with no side effects, no drowsiness or other adverse interactions.

Dr Kersti Seksel says “in my opinion, the availability of HomeoPet and its use in Australia will improve the welfare outcome of many anxious dogs”.

Easy Liquid Drops for Cats or Dogs

The liquid drops are very easy to administer, and are palatable to most animals on a treat, in food or in water. During storm activity, the drops can be placed in water for several days when not at home to administer yourself and to ensure a supply of the drops during the day to help keep calm.

Commitment to Quality

HomeoPet Australia is committed to providing the highest quality products that improve the health and well-being of pets and their owners. Part of HomeoPet’s commitment is conducting rigorous clinical trials and ongoing Vet case studies to give customers the confidence that they are giving their pet a safe and effective option designed to address the many factors that contribute to common health conditions.